soulecervesa (soulecervesa) wrote in almostfamousmov,

song list

I just want to thank the person below who posted the song list with the scene attached.  I have a question about it however

First,  I don't think the scene when they are walking through the airport after the almost plane crash is "Cortez the Killer"  by Neil Young.  I was playing the guitar along with the movie one night and that song is slightly different.    Also,  the scene where William is running through the airport looking out the window's at Penny is one of my favorite.   What is that music playing?   I can't find it anywhere.  It has no words, and sounds almost like it has a mandolin playing in the background.   The chords are C, Em, D, C ,    then Am, G, F,   Am, G, F,   .   Is it part of the films musical score, because it is not on the soundtrack.  Can anyone help me out.  
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