Goodnight, Fancyface. (pulltheripchord) wrote in almostfamousmov,
Goodnight, Fancyface.

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Okay, I just joined, but rather than just posting a "Hey, I just joined" post, I actually have a favor to ask you all.

I just found out that the director's cut of the movie, that I've been wanting for ages, is out of print. And while I'm not going to lose sleep over it or anything, I do really, really want the songs from the Stillwater EP that came with it, because I think they're actually pretty awesome, and all of the reasonably priced copies of the director's cut on say that they're missing the Stillwater CD. So basically, I'm hoping that someone who has it would be able to upload the songs for me (I can download from any file uploader), or send them to me over AIM (my screen name is in my profile).

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