me! (cestsibon) wrote in almostfamousmov,

much love for this film.

  1. In case you watch this film in the near future [which you all should] remember to look at Frances McDormant's face after William freaks out over his age [ELEVEN?!] It's so priceless.
  2. Anita tells William to listen to Tommy [with a candle burning] so that he will see his future. So, we saw Williams future and it happens to be one of the greatest films ever. Do we wanna discuss about the similarities/differences between Tommy and William?
  3. Also, does anyone have a list of all of the songs in the film AND the scene they were played in? I know there is a track list a few entries back but I am looking for specific scene songs and thats why I need to know what they correspond with. THANKS A LOT LOVELIES.
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